How important are the brands you choose for your business telephone system?

Choosing to move to the cloud is an important step for your company as it will bring new features and will enable your business to manage communications services in a less costly, more streaming and agile manner. There are lots of solutions for business phone systems on the market and different brands that will do almost everything you need. The company that implements is far more important than the brand that you choose to go with because of the way they perform and maintain your phone system. At Xenex Systems we work with 10 of the largest communication companies in the world and have the ability to choose through many platforms, applications, and endpoints. So, here are some of the best brands that provide solutions for phone systems and we work with:

3CX phone systems

3CX is an open-platform PBX for Windows, Linux and the Cloud. Their phone system delivers a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution which can be integrated with other applications such as Salesforce, Office 365 and more. By relying on the SIP Standard, 3CX along with its technology partners, including snom and Yealink, delivers a future-proof, best of breed Unified Communications system. Xenex Systems provides end-to-end 3CX deployments to businesses throughout Western Australia. We have a Perth based team of 3CX certified engineers servicing our clients remotely and onsite.

Cisco Telephony

Cisco is an American multinational technology corporation based in California and a market leader in the manufacture and supply of the telephony equipment. Cisco is the largest company specialised in networking in the world. Cisco is specialised in IP/ VoIP/ SIP telephones and can provide a very cost-effective way for companies to manage their telephone systems. More than the voice over internet connection calls, Cisco comes with a host of solutions in the area of united business communications. This allows a seamless access to data via a range of business handsets and devices.

NEC phone systems

NEC is a very well-known company in Australia that offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from greater productivity. NEC offers solutions for organisations that wish to facilitate rapid decision-making, increase employee productivity, and improve customer receptivity. The solutions integrate stations and subscriber’s system offering a range of desktop phones, in-building wireless- DECT phones, softphones, door phones, applications, adapters, attendant consoles and voice conferencing and recording. Xenex Systems can customise options with advanced features available on the NEC phone system that will offer flexibility in how your business communicates.

LG-Ericsson IPECs

LG Ericsson is a joint venture company between Ericsson and LGElectronics, two of the world’s largest communication technology companies. The company is a leading provider of cutting-edge business communications solutions and have a strong reputation for technology innovations and manufacturing excellence. Ericsson-LG Enterprise truly understands enterprise communications and what it takes to provide reliable, resilient and highly featured communications platforms that enable customers to operate in the most efficient and dynamic way. IPECs is a premium Ericsson-LG Enterprise brand that delivers a complete product line up for unified communications from small to large sized businesses. Xenex Systems uses the latest Ericsson-LG solutions in the cloud and will work with you to understand the best options for your business needs.

Panasonic phone systems

Part of a Japanese Matsushita Group is one of the largest selling phone system brands in the world. Their phone systems solutions are one of the most cost-effective communication solutions. The new cloud system from Panasonic allows your organization to have complete control of the system. The new cloud-based solutions are fully scalable to the needs of your organisation. Now you can have control of all installations from a single internet connection and have access to constant remote maintenance advice. Xenex Systems offers Panasonic Smart Cloud solutions with a high level of encryption on our servers to secure your data for both software and physical.

Avaya phone systems

Avaya is the world’s biggest leader in business collaboration and communication and has its head offices in California, America. They provide unified communication, contact centre, networking, real-time video collaboration, and related services to companies of all sizes all over the globe. They are global leaders in the contact centre market, providing companies with reliable and scalable communications-centric solutions. Their solutions Avaya Aura Contact Centre Suite and IP OfficeContact Centre are affordable contact centre solutions for SMBs. Avaya Collaborative Cloud solutions are the strategic framework for providing communication service and applications to partners and customers through the cloud. Avaya has a leader position on the market for very good reasons and should definitely be one of the business telephone systems you should consider. Xenex Systems is an Avaya Business Partner and offers migration to their solutions in the cloud and support available to answer any questions about their services.

Alcatel phone systems

Alcatel-Lucent is one of the largest communications companies in the world. The Alcatel telephone systems are designed for both small and large business alike and can scale from 2 to 300 users. The telephone systems are feature-rich, and as a hybrid solution, you can connect any type of traditional phone lines to the latest VoIP offerings. The handsets are very unique and differ quite dramatically in design and appearance from your typical brands. The Alcatel telephone systems options also come in a tailor-made Omni PCXCompact edition which, at up to 8 users, is perfect for small business budgets. Being a major world player, the solutions stack up, as you would expect, however other brands have taken some of the mobility and IP technologies much further- so keep this in mind if this is relevant to your needs.

Samsung Telephony

Samsung is a multinational brand that has come to be known for its technology. The older Samsung solutions were somewhat basic but the latest Samsung OfficeServ telephone systems are hybrid solutions that offer IP technology as well as technology for traditional phone lines. There are 5 different Samsung OfficeServ phone systems to suit every business size and a large range of accompanying digital and IP handsets to suit.

Commander Australia

M2 Commander is an Australian telecommunications company owned by Vocus Communications. Their cloud-based systems are available in three plans adjusted by the size of your organisation. The commander systems come with smart features like hunt group, simultaneous ring, sequential ring, voice mail2email, call transfer, auto-receptionist, customer call forward, 3-way conference call and additional for mobility, collaborate and reception central. They also come with advantages partnering with NBN and offering a free upgrade to an NBN ready phone plan.

Mitel phone systems

Mitel Networks Corporation is an enterprise communications company that previously produced TDB PBX systems and applications and now focuses almost entirely on VoIP products. They provide cloud-based and onside PBX platforms, applications and endpoints (phones/ wireless).  Their cloud division offers a range of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for businesses at all sizes, due to the highly scalable nature of their products. Their business phone systems provide call centre, unified communications, and cloud communications solutions.

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