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Working remotely is one area that is already demonstrating the benefits of cloud computing. Many Australian businesses are now turning to cloud computing to drive new growth in their business and ensure the continuity of their business activity in any extreme situation. Moving to the cloud will ensure a perfectly stable operating environment by allowing your employees to work and access shared documents wherever they are. We deploy servers on demand in the cloud, with no contract or upfront costs. The security of our cloud solutions is top priority for us and we continually put in place policies to improve our security practices.
With Xenex Systems and Microsoft, your business can access a suitable subscription package for a platform of Microsoft applications and other cloud-based productivity services with 24/7 service support.
Xenex Systems deploy servers on Amazon Web Services - the world’s largest server host, with data centres all over the globe. We also offer other hosting options such as Microsoft Azure.
Utilising a wide range of software solutions, we’re able to help you collaborate all your data to make it more available for usage and share between platforms such as IT and phones.
As your business expands, in cloud increased resources can be allocated as you require, saving money on expensive hardware. Our cloud hosting solution has redundant hosting locations meaning that you will experience a 99.99% service level agreement uptime.

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