Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure

Xenex Systems works with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – the largest global server hosts with data centres all over the world.

The importance of cloud solutions moving beyond 2020

Working remotely was once the way of the future – today, it’s the way of the present.

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Many Australian businesses are turning to cloud computing to connect team members from anywhere in the world, drive new growth in their business and ensure continuity in the case of an unexpected event… like a pandemic, for example!

Moving to the cloud will set you up with a perfectly stable operating environment so employees can work wherever they are.

We deploy servers on-demand in the cloud – and what’s better, they come with no contracts or upfront costs. Xenex tailors solutions for high-performance cloud servers that offer fast connectivity, daily backups, 24 x 7 / 365 support and 100% data integrity. Services such as AWS or Microsoft Azure will also give you access to enterprise-grade hosting, with a 99.99% SLA and the largest worldwide market share.

What are the benefits of cloud solutions?

Access anywhere

All your data is accessible anywhere with the advantage of AWS and Azure powerful Internet bandwidth capabilities. Your data is always available, always at high speeds - no matter where you are in the world.

Everyone is up to date

Moving to the cloud provides you with up-to-date software, licenses and automatic updates. Rather than purchase expensive one-off licenses, the current software is included in the monthly OPEX costs. That saves on both time and setup expenses.

Scalable resources

In a traditional set-up, expanding your business means buying and installing more storage. With a cloud solution, your resources can easily be increased in line with your requirements.

Single point of contact

We know the frustration of dealing with internet service providers, software vendors and other consultants to manage your data and licensing. That’s why Xenex gives you access to in-house support for all IT services - including 3rd party vendors. We save you double-handling by liaising on your behalf!

Unlimited Technical Support

AWS, Azure and Xenex support teams are all available 24 hours per day to assist in troubleshooting. We can also provide onsite support from Monday to Friday, 7 AM-6 PM.

Partial cloud solutions

If you’re not ready to move your whole business to the cloud, a hybrid cloud option can be a better fit. This allows you to retain some onsite infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of a cloud. Services like Microsoft Exchange can be migrated to the cloud on Office 365, providing scalable enterprise email hosting and seamless integration onsite.


Utilising AWS and Azure’s worldwide infrastructure gives you access to massive scalable capacity in hardware, storage and internet redundancy with high capacity network bandwidth available between countries.

Cost savings

Moving from a capital expenditure model (CapEx) to an operational expenditure model (OpEx) will mean you save on expensive hardware and move to a model that doesn’t require constant upgrades.

Infrastructure support and failures

Monitoring expensive onsite hardware health is time-consuming, and hardware failures can take a long time to restore and recover. With Xenex, you get scalable cloud server resources on-demand and pay only for usage - which makes checking onsite system health is a thing of the past.

Are you cloud-ready?

Book a free audit with Xenex to find out – our consultants can have a quick look over your system and let you know where you could save cost using cloud resources.

We Would Love to Hear Your Questions

Send us a message about our services now and we’ll be back with you very soon.

We Would Love to Hear Your Questions

Send us a message about our services now and we’ll be back with you very soon.

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