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Get world-class support on-demand with Xenex IT Helpdesk.

Whether it’s a software error five minutes before a critical presentation or a server breakdown at two in the morning, technical difficulties can happen to anyone, any day, any time.

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That’s why Xenex’s Helpdesk service exists.

We offer 24/7 remote support anywhere in Australia and onsite day support to Perth and Adelaide businesses of any size.

The Helpdesk service isn’t just limited to businesses operating without an IT person – we can also act as an extension of your regular IT role outside of business hours. Our IT pros will get to know your system back to front so that your team goes hand-in-hand with ours.

What can Helpdesk do?

Remote support

We have a Perth and Adelaide based IT Helpdesk available 24/7, 365 days a week. All you need to do is log a ticket with our service desk - then we’ll get right onto sorting it out. You’ll be able to track the progress of your support request as it passes through our team.

Onsite support

When you require a physical presence at your business, we’re available from 6 AM-7 PM Monday-Friday. If you need a team member onsite, we’ll escalate your request to a dedicated on-call engineer as soon as possible.

Service Level Agreements

Migrating to new systems or moving to the cloud can be some of the most problematic ICT tasks. We use Service Level Agreements to be crystal clear on what we can help you with when delivering complex upgrades and migration projects.

Integration and redundancy

We integrate our Helpdesk systems with your business processes - which means skilled technicians are always available to assist via phone and remote interactive support. With access to Xenex’s Helpdesk, you’ll always be failsafe.

Ongoing monitoring

Even if you’re not experiencing technical difficulties, our remote monitoring and management agents run on your network and notify our service desk when potential issues arise. Our Helpdesk technicians and engineers will be alerted - then they’ll begin investigating.

Regular reporting

Access to Xenex’s pinpoint-precise reporting and metrics means you know exactly what our Helpdesk has done and why. You can schedule reporting as frequently as you want.

How do I get access to Xenex’s Helpdesk?

We offer our Helpdesk as a standalone service, but it’s much more powerful when used as part of an IT Managed service. Our Managed Service is the market-leading all-in-one, perfect for business owners who want a set-and-forget solution to all their IT woes

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