Data Backup Management

Guard your business against critical data loss and substantial downtime – get protected with Xenex.

When you lose your data, it’s abundantly clear just how much we all rely on digitally stored information. That’s why data protection is an essential consideration for any well-managed business.

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Effective data protection can

  • Help you protect your assets
  • Ensure accurate data management
  • Retain critical information such as business plans
  • Retain accounting, financial and customer records
  • Allow you to recover lost or corrupted data

Effective management of your backup data can save you significant time and expense and – most importantly – help you avoid substantial interruption to your business.

Luckily, Xenex specialises in the build and maintenance of secure virtual servers that are backed up across the world!

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Disaster recovery support

Passwords, certificates, identification and most importantly financial records can all disappear in the blink of an eye. That’s not the case when you backup your data with Xenex - our prompt recovery turnaround time means you get off scot-free and get back to business!

Active end-to-end management

Data loss caused by human error, software crashes or cyber-attacks can cost your business dearly. Once your data is safely backed up, we offer server monitoring and incident management 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure it stays that way.

Multi-Vendor Operations

By consolidating your multi-vendor backup operations, delivering end-to-end data protection monitoring and incident management across all software and 3rd party systems, Xenex can simplify admin across your company and free up your resources to do what they do best.

Ready to stop worrying about data loss once and for all?

Reach out to Xenex for a free audit – we’ll spot the gaps in your disaster recovery plan and recommend the best low-cost ways to amend them.

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