Why We Keep Our IT Support Help Desk Locally.

With many Australian businesses sending their help desks offshore, Xenex are adamant that they will retain theirs locally to better support clients.

Many businesses we interact with regularly have elected to outsource their support desks to offshore providers. Combining the inevitable salary savings and the fact that a remote workforce is commonplace, some businesses might see it as a compelling option.

At Xenex, we’re confident that any potentially up-front savings by sending a support desk offshore are easily offset by the value in keeping them local. So, we’ve decided to keep our support desk onshore, with a team in Perth and Adelaide to respond to our client requests. Here are some of the reasons we feel that this is the best scenario to support you.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback that we receive from our small to medium business clients in Australia is that they love knowing they can depend on us with a consistent contact available to answer the phone whenever they have an issue.
Considering the distance at which recruitment decisions are made in offshore call centres, as an Australian business we would have little control over who was allocated to take your calls.
Over our 13 years of operation, we’ve maintained a 95% retention rate of staff, so it makes sense that we protect that in all parts of our business. By maintaining that consistency within our team, we can ensure you’re always able to depend on us.

Local Understanding:
In addition to the relationship you might build up over time with our consistent team, having local innate knowledge of your market, competitors, surrounding suburbs, your kids’ schools and your favourite footy team all comes together to make sure we actually “get” you when we speak.
This type of knowledge of your business only comes over time, and the understanding of the landscape in which you operate is one that only a local can know. The benefit here? You get the comfort and security of knowing you’re working with a business that really knows yours.

Just like we would be distanced from hiring decisions, we’d also be at a distance from guiding performance standards if we were to work with an offshore team.
By making sure our support desk is local, and surrounded by other members of our team, we can more easily set the standard for how we treat clients and respond to tickets. By preserving positive, proactive interactions with our IT help desk, we can maintain client happiness and loyalty, too.

Knowledge Sharing:
With the majority of our help desk clients also engaged in a Managed Service, it’s a great advantage to capture the seemingly minor coal-face queries that our support desk respond to and feed them back into your broader engagement. This cross-pollination between our departments is only achieved by our staff interacting in real-life through the same systems and often in the same building. Ultimately, this means more specialist heads on our end are focused on finding the best customised solution for your business.

Supporting Local:
Being a WA born and bred business, it just feels right to continue supporting the market that allowed us to grow to where we are today. On top of the benefits that our local IT support desk brings our clients, it’s one of our ways of giving back and something that we’re determined to keep in place.

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