SIP Trunks
Utilise your existing equipment moving to VoIP. Our IAX and SIP trunks use your internet connection to replace your old ISDN or PSTN lines that physically run into your business. Start a free assessment to identify where you are today and find out where technology can take you tomorrow.

How You Can Leverage Xenex Systems For Your Business

Enhance the capability of your current phone system and reduce your call costs. At Xenex Systems, we have the knowledge, skills, and technologies available to provide SIP trunks for your existing PBX phone system.
Moving to a hosted VoIP system reduces capital expenditure while lowering ongoing call costs to local and international numbers.
Xenex Systems uses high-grade servers in order to guarantee the highest call quality in Australia and internationally.
You can set up a local number for your customers to use wherever they are in the world.
The cloud-based solution makes it easy to increase the number of users and cater for an increase in inbound calls as the business expands, without the need for the capital and equipment costs associated with on-site PBX systems.
Desktop soft-phone, mobile applications and physical phone systems can all be connected to a single number for ease of management and consistency of access.
Reports can be generated to assist you in monitoring a range of areas, such as live call logs, average call times, answered and abandoned calls.

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The onboarding process does not have to be difficult or complex.
Step 1
Contact us and tell us about your business processes and requirements.
Step 2
If we’re a match, we’ll come out to your business to provide a no-cost audit.
Step 3
Full network infrastructure drawings and mappings are provided to you.
Step 4
We’ll make you a project and upgrade path recommendation proposals.
Step 5
Fixed cost or non-fixed cost support agreement options tailored to suit your business.

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