On-Premises PBX To Cloud PBX Migration
Transitioning to a new system can be challenging and time-consuming. The process is complicated – you need to consider the migration of lines and numbers, integration with PCs, mobiles and tablets, CRM systems, network design, hardware compatibility, unified communications, security and compliance issues. At Xenex Systems we work to reduce the risk when completing these complex migrations. Start a free assessment to identify where you are today and find out where technology can take you tomorrow.

Our Service

Our experienced migration services team provide a comprehensive package.
A hosted VoIP environment provides additional security, flexibility, and mobility whilst still offering the call quality and functionality of a business PBX. In addition it “future-proofs” your business. Our audit assesses protection management, protection policy, standards and procedures, documentation, protection audit, technical safeguards, incident response.
We’ll create a new cloud VoIP PBX tailored to your business needs and implement it using your current internet connection. This system integrates seamlessly with your onsite network, ensuring a smooth migration to the cloud. Our well-planned approach ensures that the transition occurs with minimal interruption to your business.
Choosing a VoIP system will allow you to retain your phone numbers move to the cloud. After you have selected the VoIP telephone that best suits your company’s requirements, we’ll handle the paperwork for you and submit your porting agreement. To ensure your block of numbers will stay active during the process, we’ll provide an efficient solution using your line and features provided by the cloud PBX.
In the migration process, we’ll identify what elements play a critical role in providing the functionality and benefits your company requires from your cloud PBX phone system. Your Local Area Network will be the centre of the deployment and your VoIP PBX will manage your VoIP phones, call control and connection to voice services.
At Xenex Systems we train your staff to use the system, show managers how to view reports, how to conduct an audit and even establish a response team. We can also brief the legal department on the new and emerging issues.
At Xenex Systems we provide you with different maintenance options. You may choose to have an in-house team oversee the operation and manage the maintenance. Alternatively, we can take care of this for you under a cost-effective Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our PBX auditors are fully trained in the telephony systems we provide and are kept apprised of any new threats, and the most effective ways to deal with these hazards.

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The onboarding process does not have to be difficult or complex.
Step 1
Contact us and tell us about your business processes and requirements.
Step 2
If we’re a match, we’ll come out to your business to provide a no-cost audit.
Step 3
Full network infrastructure drawings and mappings are provided to you.
Step 4
We’ll make you a project and upgrade path recommendation proposals.
Step 5
Fixed cost or non-fixed cost support agreement options tailored to suit your business.

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