Xenex Systems team activity during the coronavirus outbreak

The Xenex Systems team had our first week of working (mostly) remotely, where we continued to operate as usual and were available 24/7 at our client’s request. Occasionally one of us was required to be at the office to complete certain client tasks.

As a team, we want to limited exposure to protect internal staff and clients by only attending client sites to perform important project work and deal with critical issues such as outages where possible. This week we worked with customers through digital channels as much as possible and caught up regularly from the comfort of our homes.

The transition to working remotely

As we are already very well equipped and have our continuity plan in place to run our entire business remotely, the shift to remote working was implemented smoothly and we have been able to continue to deliver the highest levels of communication, availability and performance.

We’ve assisted many businesses with the setup of staff to work remotely and during the last week, we have put in place our client’s business continuity plans, which is the most important factor in a company’s survival during this COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are still present, demand still exists, and the phones are still ringing. Our unified communication solutions are now more indispensable than ever. Using telephony, web conference and live chat tools have ensured that we are able to keep our clients IT environments to the highest of standards throughout this challenging time.

Hardware shortages out of China

As expected, the hardware shortage out of China is out of our control. The supply is uncertain, with no sign yet as to when normal service may resume. The new enhanced screening measures at all Chinese border crossings are likely to cause delays. We recommend ordering computers in advance to allow for delays in manufacturing.

Xenex Systems remote working specialists

We have a dedicated team here at Xenex Systems who specialise in remote working tools. If you have any requirements with remote working, get in touch to see how we can help you and let’s persevere together in the months ahead.

Times like these remind us that we’re all connected like never before!

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