The Benefits of using a Cloud Hosted Anti-Spam Service

Cloud hosted anti-spam solutions can quickly and easily be added onto your business’s existing email solution, providing immediate benefit for minimal effort. In this blog post, we will take you through the main reasons to implement this type of hosted cybersecurity service.

1. No single points of failure

Connection failures are eliminated as hosted service providers can use multiple Internet connections, and when a circuit goes down, messages can be queued up to ensure delivery as soon as the connection is restored. Users can also be provided with access to their email through a simple web browser in the case that they cannot access the webmail system.

2. Anti-malware protection

A cloud based solution from a professional managed IT provider will include anti-malware which adds the protections of anti-phishing and anti-virus to the overall solution.

3. Outbound scanning

Businesses choose this type of hosted security solution to primarily filter inbound messages. However, outbound emails can also be filtered, protecting companies from users accidentally sending out spam messages that could lead to security risk or damage the company’s reputation.

4. Save storage space and bandwidth

Junk and spam messages make up so much of today’s incoming emails. Cloud hosted anti-spam filters out all the junk and spam before it begins to consume bandwidth or use up space on a server. This frees up bandwidth on your servers that is used to send and receive messages and utilise server processes to examine each message. Additionally, more than 90 percent of email traffic is considered spam which will help you reduce resource costs by migrating to the cloud.

5. User self-service

The best providers give users their own daily reports and quarantine folders. This allows them to take care of themselves when it comes to releasing valid messages, checking for false positives, and searching for that missing email.

6. Email continuity

Using an effective hosted service means that users can continue to access, send and respond to email messages, even when the mail server is offline and in the case of an on-premise mail server outage or network outage.

7. Email archiving

A proficient provider will also offer email archiving, to assist with meeting compliance and storage issues.

8. 24/ 7/ 365 access to technical support

A cloud hosted anti-spam provider should provide you with a detailed Service Level Agreement that ensures you are protected and receiving the agreed-upon level of services. The SLA should clarify uptime guarantee and other commitments that are your provider’s responsibility.

An SLA for anti-spam protection should include details such as system availability and uptime, response time for technical support, rate of spam containment and false positives, email latency when you send messages over the host server, and security features.

Choose a reputable managed IT provider in Perth

After looking at the range of benefits offered by hosted anti-spam solutions, it’s easy to see why businesses owe it to themselves to implement this type of service. Contact the team at Xenex Systems today to find out more about how our anti-spam solution will work for you.

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