Colocation Data Centres in Perth

A colocation is a data centre where equipment, bandwidth and space are available for rent to retail customers. These types of facilities provide power, space, cooling, and security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other businesses. They also connect them to a range of telecommunications and network service providers with a minimum of complexity and cost.

More and more businesses are choosing to relocate their company servers and networking hardware out of on-site server rooms and instead are opting for third-party hosting solutions with IP Transit.


How Does Colocation Help Businesses?

In addition to cost-effectiveness, colocation comes with many benefits. Here are some of the main advantages of colocation:


Due to the quick increase in popularity of hosting solutions, data centres need to adjust to a competitive market. Colocation facilities invest heavily to offer clients high-performance bandwidth, fast connection speeds and connection reliability. Therefore a business’s average on-premise computing arrangement is likely to be surpassed by a third-party data centre when it comes to connectivity and technology.

Cost savings

For many companies, particularly small businesses, these are the more cost-effective options. Colocation enables businesses to save on the initial infrastructure investment and provides ongoing savings by sharing costs with other enterprises. This way, businesses have access to services that they can’t afford on their own, like on-site IT personnel, heightened security, redundancy and increased bandwidth. For medium to large enterprises this allows them to expand the capacity without undertaking costly facility construction.


Colocation is more secure than on-site network infrastructure. Third-party hosting providers are dedicated to monitoring data and rectifying security issues quickly. Colocation providers have the ability to handle physical and infrastructural security measures while in-house IT teams can look after remote security operations.

Redundancy / reduced downtime

Businesses who use hosting solution from colocation can expect disaster and back up recovery as an included service. Data centres offering colocation invest in the best infrastructure and enough bandwidth to guarantee back-up and recovery.

Flexibility and Scalability

Colocation data centres enable your business to use higher bandwidth levels during peak traffic times without having to plan ahead and allowing to pay only for what you use. Therefore, when your business co-locates, infrastructure can be expanded along with the business, without the worry of availability and bandwidth.

24/7 Support

You can choose colocation data centres that provide 24/7 support that will facilitate everything from maintenance, monitoring to reporting services. This will prevent potential disasters like system failures, security breaches, outages and more 24/7 hours per week.

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