Benefits of unified communications technology in the workplace

Companies today face many challenges trying to keep up with the growing demands of modern business and maintain a competitive advantage. Having the ability to be agile and be able to adapt to the changing business climate is at the core of your business success. Implementing the right Unified Communications (UC) technology provides real-time to features and benefits that once were only affordable by large corporations. Phone systems, data sharing, and conferencing from a variety of devices allow every business owner, staff member, and customer to move seamlessly between them. By bundling these services, businesses gain opportunities for scale and optimise productivity across all business functions.

Reduced costs

One of the greatest benefits of implementing UC solutions is the reduced expense. You will save on the initial cost of the system and by removing maintenance headaches and costs, organisations gain significant savings.


Adopting a Unified Communications program can boost the productivity of your teams as it enables them to collaborate more closely. Working on the same document simultaneously, sharing ideas and adding comments, which means less time is wasted sending work back and forth for feedback. Your teams will be able to have discussions in real-time through several applications. Using Skype for Business the attendance can be added into conversations on the fly and easily switched from chat to a video call. Professional applications available from Microsoft Office 365, like Microsoft Team, enables users to create chat groups, work on documents collaboratively and post email threads are enhanced by Xenex Systems.


You will no longer be limited to being in the office. Connect with your partners, employees, and customers while at home or in transit as easily as if you were in the office. UC solutions make it possible to stay connected from any location and any device. With unified communications technology, instant connectivity provides flexibility when it comes to where, when, and how business communications occur.

Transformative Collaboration

Strategy, operations, and production join forces through unified communications technology. The advanced suite of tools allows all stakeholders to collaborate instantaneously. Your business will be capable of responding faster to environmental and competitive changes and flagging valuable opportunities that may have been missed. Implementation and organisational challenges are limited by instant access and quick problem-solving. Your employees will be armed with a host of applications, like calendar updates, screen-sharing audio, video conferencing and instant messaging. All these will make collaboration between your team members seamless. By implementing a Unified Communications solution, your business will develop a competitive advantage through creating an environment that can support collaboration across multiple channels.

Exceptional Reliability

By creating performance redundancies that protect against downtime, unified communications technology offers exceptional reliability. If one system goes down, another is programmed to kick in. Combine this optimal redundancy with a superior data centre and major cloud provider access and you have got a unified communication to plan to keep business running even in the most disastrous situations.

Less administration, Maintenance & Staffing

Consolidating your cloud-based application in one centralised Unified communications solution will cut down your administration time. You will have only one provider, one contractor and one bill to pay at the end of the month.

Unified communications allow you to move every purchase, update, and maintenance task to your phone system provider and shift skilled IT staff to projects that progress the competitive strengths of the company. With Xenex Systems, maintenance and upgrade services are included, in addition to full services consultancy and 24/7 support from our help desk with IT consultants in Perth. This will enable your employees to access support quickly whenever they need it.

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