Work smarter and increase efficiency at the workplace with managed IT services in Perth

Most business owners from Perth understand that teaming up with managed IT services offer them a cost-effective strategy for maintaining their IT environment. But what you have to consider when building partnerships with managed IT services teams that can give your business a competitive edge and increased efficiency in the workplace, generating the growth of your revenue?

When you are taking into account engaging a company that specialises in managed IT services in Perth, you should consider:

Time is money

According to a survey of 200 companies as reported by Information Week, IT issues cost $26.5 Billion in lost revenue. On average, each company lost $150,000 annually, simply due to IT downtime issues. That’s money most businesses can’t afford to spend. Technology offers countless opportunities to maximise efficiency within your business operations, and therefore save you time. Computers and technology allow for faster processing of data and easier retrieval of information.

If your employees are struggling with an outdated computer and communications system and trying to fix problems on the fly, think of all the time you will save with an updated IT system that someone specialised manages. Managed IT services based in Perth provide all the IT help your employees need, freeing up their time and increasing their productivity within your business.  We can also organise remote access for employees who work at home and manage all your servers so that downtime is eliminated.

Streamline your budget

Spending money upgrading your computer and IT systems, renewing software licenses and calling in expert help to fix IT problems, system breaches and even the fallout from hacking, requires a roller-coaster of spending that is difficult to budget for each year. It gets even more difficult when you are employing dedicated IT staff that you can’t justify. With managed IT services however, you pay a monthly scalable fee that is based on your needs and we can perform all these tasks for you. This all means no hidden nasty surprises so you can have a more accurate budget.

Protection from cyber-attacks

The most important is to keep your operating environment stable and secure. Electronic theft or cyber-crime is increasing. Small and medium-size businesses are targeted, resulting in extreme downtime and loss of reputation and revenue. Many organisations are struggling quietly having been victimised by information theft. They seeking to understand the potential consequences and methods of recovery. Proactive maintenance is critical to ensure your business IT environment is kept healthy. A good IT company should use approaches that enable your organisation to prepare, prevent and respond to cybercrime, providing technology latest updates and testing on servers, backups and network infrastructure.

High tech upgrades

Different types of technology can help your business maximise efficiency and productivity, decrease expenses and increase profitability. Don’t use technology just for the sake of using technology though. Work with a managed IT team based in Perth that can understand how your business operates, which technologies will benefit your organisation in terms of saving time and increasing your bottom line and design the best system for your business. When it’s time to upgrade your IT and communication systems, we use all of our expertise to design the best systems for your company, specific to your needs. This means that you can have the latest resources to help you stay ahead of the competition and even better – these solutions are scalable and standardised for your specific needs.

IT help desk Perth

Having access to 24 hours of expert technical support that can guarantee response times for both remote and onsite support. Having access to a specialised team of technicians in Perth that will be made aware and promptly act if needed. A specialised managed IT team will know when potential issues may arise and fix them even before you realise that they took place. A specialised team will take care to review your IT policies and security to ensure best practice standards. We will provide you with monthly account management meetings to ensure your satisfaction.

At Xenex Systems we provide support and proactive maintenance of your physical and virtual servers to manage your networks or workstations. We are proud of our 7 years of experience providing Managed IT Services for business in Perth and across Western Australia. Contact us by registering here today for a free audit of your business and see where your IT environment can be improved and boost your revenue

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