Why Xenex is One of the Best nbn Providers

By now, most WA businesses will be planning their switch to nbn or will have already switched over. Either way, as a business owner there’s something important to consider – your nbn provider!

Have you heard of the loyalty tax?

Usually, the term refers to home loans. People who have been loyal to a particular bank or lender often end up paying more than new customers, or more than customers of competing banks. That’s because those businesses need to offer better rates to win over customers. Your existing provider doesn’t need to work so hard.

What’s lesser-known is that the loyalty tax also applies to service providers – like telecommunication companies, for example. Have you ever noticed that the mobile phone plan you signed up for three years ago is far more expensive and offers far less data than the plans on the website today? That’s loyalty tax!

To avoid falling into this easy and costly trap, it’s important to have a look around and reassess your service providers from time to time. When it comes to the nbn, don’t just switch over with your existing internet provider – consider a fresh player in the game like Xenex!

What can Xenex offer as an nbn provider?
We can offer the quickest, most reliable connection on the market with speeds up to 10,000Mbps, and because we host all of our own servers and can manage them accordingly, we can guarantee 99.99% uptime. Our own servers also means that you gain the benefit of an ultra-secure, private communication network.

Cost-wise, we’re a fully-authorised and accredited wholesale National Broadband Network access provider, so we can manage your transition from fibre to nbn easily and without running the risk of disruption to your business.

But the best part is, Xenex is an IT company and not just a standard telecommunications provider! That means we can actually engineer custom-built web solutions that are perfect for your business needs.

When we build a fit-for-purpose solution for any business, we take into account the speeds you’ll need, the data you need, your budget, your staff size and your support requirements. We can also offer several technologies for stronger co-benefits, like VoIP and cloud hosting.

With Xenex as your nbn provider, you get an internet, telephony and IT support service all in one – with one no-lock-in monthly fee and no cancellation terms.
So if you’re switching to nbn, look no further than Xenex. We’re your trusted partner in integrated business IT and communications!

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