What are the popular managed IT services pricing models?

If you’re a business owner seeking managed IT services in Perth and wondering what different pricing models and average costs there are, this article will outline what you need to know about managed IT prices before moving forward.

At Xenex Systems we are asked on a weekly basis by potential customers about the pricing of our managed IT services, and we always must respond with – it depends.

Managed IT Services Factors to Consider

The factors to consider when determining which option to choose comes down to three simple questions:

1. What is my budget?

Businesses need to work out how much they can afford to spend on IT services, typically per month.

2. What are my needs?

Some businesses may have very little already set up in terms of IT infrastructure and require a lot of assistance. Others may already have an in-house IT team and secure systems in place and are looking to outsource some of their IT workloads.

3. What are the legal and financial risks if these needs are not met?

If a business doesn’t meet their IT requirements, productivity and security of data can be negatively affected, costing the business a lot of money.

Managed IT Services Perth Pricing Guide

managed it services

Break/fix IT Service Pricing

This service is sometimes offered by managed service providers. However, it tends to be always at a premium price because they are usually addressing an emergency caused by a lack of preventative maintenance or protection. Break/fix companies charge by the hour and these companies fix one-time issues. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to recover lost data.

If a break/fix service is decided upon, businesses need to ensure they’ve taken the steps to keep systems and hardware with a monitoring and incident management system maintained in-house.

IT Service Per Device Pricing

This model works in an “al la carte” style, meaning businesses can pick and choose the services they require and will pay by the number of devices they decide to cover. If a business only wants to protect their network, they can pay just to do that. If protection and service for the company laptops are all that’s required, there’s a price for that too. In the case of users for phone systems, the service calls are usually an additional cost.

This type of service is similar to purchasing a full-service offering for each piece of equipment businesses wish to protect.

Managed Services Contract Pricing

All-inclusive managed IT services should include all the features listed above in break/fix, per device and more. This option is a fully comprehensive plan that protects business networks, offers help desk support, maintains technology equipment and provides consultation services to help businesses implement the most suitable plan.

Some IT companies offer less inclusive variations of this. However, this can leave segments of businesses vulnerable.

When a managed IT services company provides an all-inclusive option, businesses receive the required software to manage hacking attempts whilst also receiving assistance for when something goes wrong. In this case, the price is calculated per number of users, per month.

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Implementing a Managed IT services plan from an experienced provider in Perth will not only give the most support but will also typically give your business the biggest bang for your buck. Contact the team at Xenex Systems today for a free consultation.

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