Protect your organisation with cloud-based spam filtering

More organisations are choosing cloud-based spam filtering to protect against disruption as spam email messages continue to threaten email servers and network security.


Spam is a constant frustration, filling mailboxes and distracting employees from important tasks. Furthermore, spam can also be a security threat. Many emails contain scams like ransomware, spear-phishing and impersonation fraud attacks that can disrupt and devastate an organisation.

A cloud-based spam filtering solution aims to stop spam before it reaches the email system, blocking spam messages from inboxes and email fraud attacks from users. There is no hardware to install, meaning businesses can implement an anti-spam solution quickly and affordably. Superior cloud-based spam filtering technology is always up to date, refined by experts and informed by the latest threat intelligence to recognise and prevent more spam messages from reaching an organisation’s system.

Cloud-based spam filtering From Xenex Systems

Xenex Systems offers a highly effective cloud-based spam filtering solution, powered by advanced threat intelligence and sophisticated detection engines to identify and block more emerging and known threats.

Xenex System’s services enable businesses to:

  • Block 99% of spam messages with up to 0.01% false positives.
  • Minimise calls to the help desk by providing a customer interface login to self-manage spam levels and release emails from permitted senders.
  • Improve productivity with tools for handling graymail like mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Protect email infrastructure and reduce spam from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Add powerful security to cloud-based spam filtering

Because email and spam threats are the sources of more than 90% of hacking attacks, Xenex Systems complements its cloud-based spam filtering with powerful tools for fighting email threats.

Xenex Systems offer a suite of tools to scan all inbound email and attachments, stopping users from clicking on malicious URLs, identifying emails that may contain attempts at impersonation fraud, and transcribing or sandboxing suspicious attachments.

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