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Effective communication channels are vital to the smooth operation of any business. Without an effective system of communication in place, achieving primary goals and functions will be a challenge. Unified Communications combine a number of flexible IT and phone systems to facilitate clear communication across the organisation. Our phone platforms with mobile and computer apps allow you to receive office calls in your office or on mobile devices or tablets.
We offer 3CX Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone platforms that replace traditional phone systems. These systems do much more than help people talk to each other over a dedicated line. Our 3CX VoIP phone systems gives businesses voice, text, video and contact management in a single user interface.
The migration of lines and numbers, integration with PCs, mobiles and tablets, CRM systems, network design, hardware compatibility, unified communications, security, and compliance issues all need to be considered and addressed.
Optimise the use of your current hardware through the use of our free software license based PBX platform that turns a VoIP phone, computer or mobile phone into a business phone system. Live call logs and advanced reporting, average call times, answered and abandoned call features are available.
Make use of your existing equipment when moving to VoIP. Our IAX and SIP trunks use your internet connection to replace your old ISDN or PSTN lines that physically run into your business. We promise you a seamless transition with minimal interruption to your business.

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