Let’s look into some of the benefits of managed IT services for businesses in Perth

Managed services allow IT companies to discover and assess technical issues before they have the potential to take a negative effect on businesses. Due to the proactive nature of these types of services and the inclusion of regular maintenance, business owners can rest assured that their computer networks will operate smoothly and efficiently.

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Aside from preventing catastrophes before they strike, there are some other benefits to consider when deciding whether to take the next steps towards contracting managed IT services.

Below are some benefits that come with the managed IT services we provide at Xenex Systems to businesses in Perth:

  • Cost reduction: IT budgets can be managed more efficiently by establishing a long-term relationship with a managed services provider. Money and time are saved as managed service providers are able to keep systems updated, reduce hardware costs, maintain high levels of security and provide expert knowledge at a fixed monthly rate. This means businesses can request as much service as they need without the concern of costs piling up.
  • System centralisation: Managed IT service providers help centralise servers and network applications into a single data centre. This centralisation allows for increased accessibility and faster speed from all staff regardless of location. Centralised systems improve access to your company data, which allows your employees greater access, keeping cybersecurity risks low as they are monitored 24/7 Staff can continue to work on the go as the system facilitates secure mobile and web access points.
  • High-level support and continual upgrades: Constant monitoring and system management mean that businesses can rely on continually upgraded IT systems at no additional financial risk or cost. IT systems are guaranteed to be as current as possible and businesses have access to enterprise-level services at affordable rates.
  • Minimised downtime and increased productivity: The proactive approach of managed service providers to discovering potential risks and advances in network security means businesses can nearly guarantee that system failures and shutdowns hindering company success are a thing of the past. Minimised tech-related frustrations allow teams to focus on their work and achieve a higher level of productivity.
  • Peace of mind: In the past, there was a common myth that outsourcing IT decreased a business’s level of data security. These days, businesses can be assured that managed IT service providers are focused around providing robust back-up and recovery systems and must follow strict data and safety management regulations. This makes them more capable of protecting data than in-house IT teams. Furthermore, businesses don’t have to worry about system failures affecting significant projects because of the monitoring systems addressing concerns early on.
  • A close relationship with an expert provider: The managed IT service provided a business chooses to implement will become increasingly familiar with the business’s processes and IT environment. This means business owners can count on top-notch service at a moment’s notice. The designated IT specialists have complete accountability to thoroughly help a business with any IT problems that may arise, meaning in-house staff can focus on their daily tasks, instead of changing direction to address a technology issue individually or getting a break/fix technician onto the job.

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Choose an IT provider who will give you the attention and reliable service you deserve to ensure you accomplish your tasks unimpeded.

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