Demystifying the connection – how to get really fast internet

If you’re looking for a fast internet connection in Australia, you might think you’ve only got a few choices – namely, Telstra or Optus. While these providers are a great option for standard off-the-shelf internet packages, they’re not the only options you have when it comes to commercial internet connections. We’re here to show you how to get really fast internet!

That’s where custom internet connections come in! Using the existing technology in your street, a custom internet supplier (like Xenex!) can set you up with a super-fast connection that best reflects the needs of your individual business.

Custom-built web connectivity solutions can reach speeds of up to 10,000Mbp both ways. To put that in perspective, Telstra’s Premium business nbn plan reaches a typical speed of just 100Mbps download and 32Mbps upload. When speed matters – go custom!

Another benefit to working with a custom internet provider is your access to a direct, private connection. At Xenex, we have direct peering with Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means we can directly and privately route any of your AWS cloud services – so they don’t actually need to run over the internet.

If you’re looking to secure the fastest internet connection possible in your area, reach out to a Xenex consultant for a chat.

Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: The site qualification
First up we ask for your address. That way, we can perform a site qualification and identify which technologies are in your street. Your street may be equipped with nbn, business fibre or a mix of both – every site is different. Once we ascertain that information, we can determine what connection services will be available to you.

Step 2: Your needs analysis
Next, we find out exactly how you will be using your internet connection. We take a look at the number of users, the types of services your currently require and any services you might want to use in the future. We look at your unique needs because every business is different. A small accounting business with five employees who use Microsoft Excel all day probably won’t need a 10,000Mbps internet connection – and shouldn’t pay for one, either! On the other hand, a large utilities corporation running critical online operations could and should invest in a top-tier, top-speed secure connection.

Step 3: Your options
Once we’ve determined the technology available to you and the way you will use your internet, we piece together a few package options that will offer the best speed and the best price for you. Once you’re happy with your plan, we hook you up with our ISP equipment in the CBD and run a connection directly to your business!

Our packages include:

  • Speed from 100/40Mbps up to 10,000/10,000Mbps
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • No minimum terms
  • No cancellation fees
  • Static IP address
  • High priority support
  • Free scheduled plan changes
  • Additional data packs for purchase

If that sounds like just what you’re looking for, you can find out more about our internet and nbn services here – or reach out for a chat today!


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