3 steps to improving your dealership IT system

If you’re in the automotive industry, you’d know your business has a unique range of specific IT requirements. But does your IT provider know that?

We do!

At Xenex, we’ve been working with Australian automotive dealerships for almost a decade. We’ve partnered with Volkswagen, Lexus, Mazda, Holden, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Kia, Ford and more to provide specialist IT services that support your connection to the factory first and foremostly.

We highly recommend switching to an automotive specialist IT provider who can furnish you with all the key services you need in the vehicle sales business.

Read on to learn our 3 steps to improving your dealership IT system:

1. IT Audit
First, we find out who your dealership management system provider is. This gives us an understanding of what software you use to run your dealership. Then, we look at your hardware and resources – how many computers you use, how many staff you have, and how your business is structured and run day-to-day.

Using that information, we can piece together an overview of your IT system and map out fixes that will make your job easier and your data safer.

2. Solution Design
From there, it’s a simple case of working backwards. We analyse your support requirements, anticipating what kinds of requests you might have and any risks you might encounter. Then, we look at your internet configuration and your telephony. We consider whether you might benefit from a high-speed custom internet plan, or even a direct private line – we can even create accounts with your DNS and support integration straight back to your manufacturer!

We talk through all of your must-haves and nice-to-haves until we know we’ve got it right.

3. Managed Service Package
Thirdly and finally, we put together a Managed Service offering that ticks all the boxes for dealership needs. Our no-lock-in-contract Managed Service will almost always include private factory-to-dealer communications, manufacturer IT system integration and support for your DMS (including Pentana, Auto-IT and Titan DMS). Beyond that, you can opt in to innovative services like onsite software training, tech-progressive consultation, cloud migration and hosting, VoIP telephony and custom internet/nbn connections.

Plus, we offer 24/7 helpdesk support – so you’re never left in the lurch.

If you’re in the automotive industry and feel you could benefit from a more targeted approach to your dealership IT, reach out to Xenex! We offer free no-obligation systems audits to get you started.


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