Telstra Professional Services Partner

Xenex can leverage your Telstra Tech Fund and your available funds.

Xenex is proud to be a Telstra Professional Services (TPSA) and a Telstra Business Accredited Partner.

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Telstra often partners with premium enterprises like ours to give local businesses the best of both. Our Telstra partnership empowers us to leverage the reliability and security of Telstra networks and deploy Telstra solutions with full support – which means you don’t have to waste time going between your telecommunications provider and your IT provider.

If you’re already working with Telstra, you don’t need to double up – Xenex can simply link into your existing Telstra team to create a single point of contact moving forward.

How does Xenex’s Telstra Partnership benefit me?

You get access to the latest applications

Our partnership with Telstra puts us first-in-line to deliver new tech - which means you’re first-in-line to boost storage, amplify computing power and strengthen cloud infrastructure.

Your data is locked down

We'll protect your financial information and IP by storing it in Telstra's Australian-based data centres, all of which are certified to international data security and compliance standards.

You can create a flexible environment

Working with Xenex and Telstra can bring flexibility to your business. Telstra IP Telephony streamlines communications with high-definition voice and voice calling, virtual meeting rooms and a single number that rings on any device.

Your IT provider can work more efficiently

We can maximise our internal efficiency and streamline billable hours using mobility solutions and applications provided by Telstra. Plus, we’ll integrate the Telstra Programmable Network with your business and provide on-demand connectivity to the cloud.

Telstra Programmable Network Resources


International Private Line (IPL) for the marketplace Ethernet Private Line (EPL) for global exchange EPL Express, IP VPN Secure Internet Access and Ethernet VPN Global Internet and IP Transit Satellite: Data and Teleport


Marketplace: Cloud Collaboration Global Exchange: Audio Conferencing Data Centre Interconnect: Web Conferencing Secure Internet Access: Contact Centre


Marketplace: DocuSign Global Exchange: Kony Data Centre Interconnect: TeleSign Virtual Branch Network: Whispir

Managed Networks

Marketplace: Managed Network Services Global Exchange: Managed SD-WAN


Marketplace: Colocation Global Exchange: Public Clouds Data Centre Interconnect: Cloud Infrastructure

Voice and Mobility

SIP Connect Mobility Feature Pack add-on

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