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What is a PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange – it’s the private telephone network used within businesses to communicate both internally and externally. You probably already have one, you just didn’t know what it was called! PBX is the old faithful telephony system – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on. A hosted VoIP environment provides additional security, flexibility, and mobility whilst still offering the call quality and functionality of a business PBX. Essentially, it ‘future-proofs’ your business.


Transitioning to a new system can indeed be challenging and time-consuming. The process is complicated – you need to consider the migration of lines and numbers, integration with PCs, mobiles and tablets, CRM systems, network design, hardware compatibility, unified communications, security and compliance issues. That’s why the Xenex migration service is designed to take away some of that frustration!

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What happens when I migrate?

Xenex clients can optimise the use of their current hardware through our free software license-based PBX platform – it turns a VoIP phone, computer or mobile phone into a business phone system.

When you decide to migrate, we’ll create a new cloud VoIP PBX tailored to your business needs and implement it using your current internet connection with minimal interruption to your business. You’ll retain your original phone numbers, too.

After you’ve selected the VoIP telephone that best suits your company’s requirements, we’ll handle the paperwork for you and submit your porting agreement – making sure your block of numbers stays active during the process.

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Lower cost and easy scaling

Hosting a PBX on the cloud reduces set-up costs and ongoing call costs. There are no upfront licensing fees, and you can add or remove as many users as needed when your business expands.

Global reach

We can provide a phone number that gives your business a local presence no matter where you are in the world - and no matter what device you’re using. Take and manage phone calls through our web or mobile apps with ease.

Rich feature set

By choosing a VoIP system, you’ll have access to features like call parking, queues and auto-attendants. Plus, you’ll enjoy highly advanced reporting options – VoIP can monitor live call logs, average call times, answered and abandoned calls.

Product training

Xenex can train your staff to use the system. We’ll show managers how to view reports, conduct audits and even establish a response team. We can also brief the legal department on new and emerging issues in telephony. We put the power in your hands.

Continuous Support

Xenex offers a range of maintenance options. You may choose to have an in-house team to oversee the operation and maintenance of the system. Alternatively, we can take care of it under a cost-effective Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our PBX technicians are fully trained in the telephony systems we provide and ready to lend a hand.

Want to find out more about our PBX migration options?

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Send us a message about our services now and we’ll be back with you very soon.

We Would Love to Hear Your Questions

Send us a message about our services now and we’ll be back with you very soon.

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