Remote working tools from 3CX

In the wake of COVID-19, remote working tools have become a critical inclusion for business continuity. Governments have been forced to close businesses, schools and services around the world and more people are needing remote working tools to be able to undertake daily work requirements.

An offer has been  released from 3CX to assist people across the globe in these unprecedented times. 3CX is the developer of the award-winning business communications solution, innovating business collaboration and connectivity. Replacing proprietary PBXs, the award-winning software allows businesses of all sizes to cut telco costs, boost employee productivity, and enhance the customer experience. The company announced last month that they will offer the Standard edition of software to all organisations completely free of charge for 3 years.

The company aims to support businesses during the coronavirus crisis by providing free communications software which enables employees to work seamlessly from home without interruption. 3CX is also working on another solution which will be suitable for schools, allowing students and teachers to stay in contact.

Remote working tools from 3CX 1

Free 3-year of 3CX licence for schools with 3CX e-learning solution

Offering a reliable and collaborative solution for distance learners this can easily be implemented by schools if students are learning from home. The free license, which falls under the PRO edition of 3CX’s communications solution, includes up to 100 web conferencing participants completely free, for one year. The company hopes that this offer will be more sufficient for schools and universities to be able to gain a better level of continuity for their students’ education whilst the shutdown is in effect.

Healthcare industry relies on Unified Communications

Healthcare providers can also use this service and access the 3-year free licence. This way they can offer to hold virtual appointments with patients from the comfort of their home.

Some of the remote working tools from 3CX include:

WebRTC Conferencing

The WebMeeting feature allows users to facilitate face-to-face meetings from home and collaborate using polls, PDF sharing, whiteboards and more. The integrated WebRTC technology means there’s no need for plugins and downloads; users can create meetings easily from their web browsers. In addition to remote working solutions for businesses, WebMeeting is a fantastic tool for e-learning.

Instant Messaging (Chat Features)

90% of us prefer to message rather than call. 3CX’s instant messaging feature allows colleagues to chat, share documents and collaborate seamlessly.

Mobile Applications

3CX offers Android and iOS apps at no extra cost for users. This allows customers to take their office extension with them wherever they go to ensure they never miss a beat. The apps enable users to chat with colleagues, transfer calls with ease and even dial directly into web meetings.

Reports & Analytics

Understandably, business owners have concerns about staff working remotely. 3CX gives business owners peace of mind; the company’s professional and enterprise and professional licenses include advanced contact centre reports that can be used to track activity. It’s never been easier to keep track of customer-facing staff. Organisations can use the customisable wallboards to give their teams motivation throughout the day and provide quick progress updates.

Get 3 years 3CX free remote working solution with Xenex Systems

These remote working tools will benefit organisations of all sizes to continue their business functions daily. At Xenex Systems, we can implement these tools which will allow businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. To benefit from 3CX’s offer and learn more about remote working solutions for your business, contact our knowledgeable team today.

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