Hardware and Software

A plan is much more involved than simply making a backup of data and being able to restore it effectively when required. It may be necessary to restore everything about your infrastructure – computers; operating systems; applications and data. Even systems documentation and computer supplies could be involved. Start a free assessment to identify where you are today and find out where technology can take you tomorrow.

How you can leverage Xenex Systems for your business

Flexible and customised solutions that can be installed and accessed across multiple computers, platforms, and mobile devices, to suit your business requirements.
We work with world leading software and hardware companies. As your IT consultant, we will recommend the right products for your business, selecting options available from a range of suppliers. You won't have to worry about getting the latest version of code and coordinating issues with the manufacturers.
Investing in hardware and software will increase the efficiency of your business. An up-to-date enterprise system will protect your business and provide the opportunity to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of your processes. It will improve your customer service satisfaction and help you achieve global and supply chain integration.
Our certified engineers are proactive in scheduling the maintenance required to keep your system operating as intended, focusing on preventing issues from occurring rather than fixing them after they happen. Your business will have access to a knowledgeable team that will be your one point of contact to deal with manufacturers.

Jumping On Board

The onboarding process does not have to be difficult or complex.
Step 1
Contact us and tell us about your business processes and requirements.
Step 2
If we’re a match, we’ll come out to your business to provide a no-cost audit.
Step 3
Full network infrastructure drawings and mappings are provided to you.
Step 4
We’ll make you a project and upgrade path recommendation proposals.
Step 5
Fixed cost or non-fixed cost support agreement options tailored to suit your business.

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