Disaster and Data Recovery 
Establishing a disaster recovery and a business continuity plan is the key to a successful disaster recovery. We will assess your business’s ability to recover from a disaster or unexpected event and resume operations. Start a free assessment to identify where you are today and find out where technology can take you tomorrow.

How you can leverage Xenex Systems for your business

We provide a way for you to manage cyber-security risk.
Our security administrators will include all the functions and roles necessary to quickly and completely restore computer operations for your business. With our prevention and security solutions we will identify, log and stop possible incidents.
A data loss management plans controls critical data at endpoints or in critical applications. We establish disciplined processes to monitor your systems, overseen by expert staff. Our observations enable us to block any data flows with malicious intent.
Our IPS plan will provide continuous real-time event monitoring, reporting, and remediation. We'll provide visibility and active protection at the network perimeter and at key entry and exit points of the network critical to ensuring your business continues running without interruption.

Jumping On Board

The onboarding process does not have to be difficult or complex.
Step 1
Contact us and tell us about your business processes and requirements.
Step 2
If we’re a match, we’ll come out to your business to provide a no-cost audit.
Step 3
Full network infrastructure drawings and mappings are provided to you.
Step 4
We’ll make you a project and upgrade path recommendation proposals.
Step 5
Fixed cost or non-fixed cost support agreement options tailored to suit your business.

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