Microsoft SharePoint Services

Using a wide range of software solutions, we’re able to help you collaborate your data to make it possible to communicate between platforms such as computers and mobile devices. Working with our consultants to tailor a cost-effective solution to fit your business needs will ensure you get the best out of this service. Start a free assessment to identify where you are today and find out where technology can take you tomorrow.

How you can leverage Xenex Systems to benefit your business

SharePoint is an industry leading platform for intranets, extranets, websites, secure document, management document, employee collaboration, process automation and much more. SharePoint is for larger corporations and small companies can benefit as well.
Collaborating data through a platform like SharePoint allows your business to centralise and share important data amongst your team. You will be able to seamlessly share data across employees and teams while maintaining tracking and system security. Collaboration between devices means that you can be more time efficient and access your data 24-hours per day.
The combination of onsite and mobile users can make data collaboration more difficult. A well-planned document management system that is secure and easily accessible from the Internet will empower your business and increase productivity. Our IT consultants will design, plan and implement the solution that best suits your business needs.
Accessing data between multiple devices is a critical requirement of doing business. Our cost-effective mobility solutions allow your mobile devices to access your company information whether your working in-house or on the move. We support integration between computers, mobile devices, and tablets that allows you to use an array of devices to suit your situation.

Jumping On Board

The onboarding process does not have to be difficult or complex.
Step 1
Contact us and tell us about your business processes and requirements.
Step 2
If we’re a match, we’ll come out to your business to provide a no-cost audit.
Step 3
Full network infrastructure drawings and mappings are provided to you.
Step 4
We’ll make you a project and upgrade path recommendation proposals.
Step 5
Fixed cost or non-fixed cost support agreement options tailored to suit your business.

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